Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

E-Squared – Stares

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British Columbia  is no stranger to the music scene, with many acts such as Swollen Members, Merkules, and Snak The Ripper making moves for the province. E-Squared is starting a create a buzz in B.C’s largest city Vancouver. The duo consisting of Ekoo and Essentials recently released a four-track EP titled “Stares”.

The project mixes elements from hip-hop, r&b, and pop to create a sound that differs from a lot of other acts in the city. The braggadocios style, mixed with melodic elements delivers mainstream appeal that will be perfect for Top 40 radio. The opening track “Gettin’ Paper” does sound like run of the mill “urban song”, but differs from a lot of the other stuff currently on the airwaves in the Great White North.

E-SQUARED is an Urban Hip-Hop /RnB /Pop duo from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Artists Ekko and Essentials, who are also husband and wife, bring their music to life through powerful, bassy production and upbeat vocals. E-SQUARED has performed live at clubs across Canada and the US. Their latest EP “Stares” is available now on all music platforms including Spotify. Keep up with new developments from E-SQUARED on Instagram.


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