Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Carlos Cortez – Karats (Audio)

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Carlos Cortez is not your average up and coming artist. Straying away from the cookie cutter pop style, Cortez eloquently presents his unique sound on his latest track Karats.

The synth heavy track is lined with a touch of romance, mischief and enchantment, and keeps in line the mystery that surrounds Cortez. His social media presence is fairly low-key, but his sound is quite the opposite.

Carlos Cortez is an up and coming Trap/R&B artist. Shrouded in mystery, Cortez creates music that appeals to a wide commercial audience while incorporating sophisticated, experimental elements for more niche listeners. Listeners of artists like The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, are sure to enjoy Cortez’s work.

His latest release is the single “Karats.” Look for new singles in the coming weeks, or listen to Cortez’s past four singles on Spotify or Soundcloud. You can follow Carlos Cortez on Twitter and Instagram.

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