Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Young N’ Selfish – Sittin Loe

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Young N’ Selfish’s recently released his latest single “Sittin Loe”. The track takes elements from the feel good era of classic West Coast hip-hop, mixed with the new-school virtuosity Los Angeles rapper Blueface.

Young N’ Selfish is frequently rushing out in front of the beat with such passion, resulting in the listeners taking a split second to understand his cadence and rhythm. While art is subjective, his anti-flow style becomes more bearable once you realize what he’s trying to accomplish.

Take a second listen to get a true sense of track, and you will instantly be a fan.

About Rickey Leon Jones:

Rickey Leon Jones, known by artist name Young N’ Selfish, is a talented California-based rapper on the rise with latest single “Sittin Loe.” In this song, Young N’ Selfish explores his difficult past and speaks on his life on the streets and the fake friends he’s had to deal with. Despite his past struggles, Young N’ Selfish looks forward to a new day and a new life with a promising music career ahead of him.

“Sittin Loe” follows his debut album Str8 2 da Point and his single “All Ina Dayze” featuring Apollo the Oracle. You can listen to the new single on Spotify.

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